Superb Owl XLIX

There’s obviously no use in rehashing the Seahawks’ last play on offense during last night’s Super Bowl XLIX (and props to Marshawn Lynch for taking the high road), so I thought I’d instead draw attention to what I considered the best commercial of the night. During the third quarter, Jeep aired an impressive 90-second spot, which you can watch at this link, or by clicking on the video below. Some critics have objected that Jeep merely ripped off North Face, which produced a very similar commercial using the exact same song a few months ago (you can watch the North Face version here). It’s true that both commercials feature beautiful faces and beautiful landscapes set to Woodie Guthrie’s classic folk tune, “This Land is Your Land,” but the commercials could not be more different. After all, the North Face commercial takes place entirely within the United States, while the Jeep version takes place at various spots around the entire world. Some have complained that Guthrie’s song is an American song, and that it ought to stay that way (examples here and here), but I rather appreciate the globalist perspective and I don’t think that that makes me any less proud to be an American. The commercial (and the minor controversy it has spawned) reminds me of last year’s most effective Super Bowl commercial, which featured “America the Beautiful” being sung in myriad languages. (Watch that commercial here, and read the blog post where I referenced the commercial here). Until next time, take a deep breath and take heart: the next NFL season is only 219 days away.