Panikpah the Survivor

1914-peary-northward-over-the-great-ice-panikpahDogs played a critically important role in late-nineteenth-century polar exploration, but they often paid a steep price for their participation. During one especially treacherous expedition across the “Great Ice” of northern Greenland in 1895, the famed explorer Robert Peary lost 41 out of the 42 dogs he brought with him. The lone survivor, a dog named Panikpah, is shown in the photograph at left. Peary later gifted Panikpah to the National Zoo in DC, where he was part of an exhibit showcasing the variety of domestic dogs. You can learn more about Panikpah’s harrowing experiences in Greenland at this link, and you can learn more about his role in the Zoo’s dog exhibit at this link.

Title: “Pankipah of the Old Guard”
Date: 1898
Source: Robert E. Peary, Northward over the “Great Ice”: A Narrative of Life and Work Along the Shores and Upon the Interior Ice-Cap of northern Greenland in the years 1886 and 1891-1897, vol. 2 (New York: Frederick A. Stokes Co., 1898), 400.