Feral Pigs in 19th-Century California

I’ve already posted this image once, but I though I’d post it again since it’s one of the most dramatic images that I encountered while researching the book. The illustration accompanied a newspaper article in the San Francisco Call on January 16, 1898. The article describes a harrowing encounter between a group of hunters and the feral pigs they sought to kill. Hunters prize feral pigs for their fighting spirit, and that tenacity was on full display when a charging boar pinned a young hunter named William Douglass beneath him. “The boar looked as big as an elephant to me,” Douglass later recounted, adding that “his tusks looked larger than a mastodons.” He was saved in the nick of time by a companion standing nearby with a rifle. You can read the entire account, and view the illustration in its original context, at the following link: